Games Day 2003 - Baltimore

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Golden Demons

Our full coverage of the Baltimore Golden Demons will be up shortly, but here is the Sword winner! Well done all and especially Jenn Haley!

I was given excellent access by Games Workshop and would like to thank them very much for this, I couldn't do this without that! I was under the usual not enough time pressure and tried to snap everything that I could, somethings suffered as a result. This includes poor photos of a couple of category winners and lots of shaky shots of great miniatures. I apologize in advance for missing your miniature or blurring it horribly. If you find obvious mistakes please let me know and if you want to supply names and titles, tell me the photo references!

40k SIngle Miniature

40k Squad

40k Vehicle or Squadron

40k Large Model

Fantasy Single Miniature

Fantasy Regiment

Fantasy Large Monster or War Machine

Battle Scene



Larger View - 140k
Slayer Sword Winner - Jennifer Haley - Angels Renascent Champion


For those who asked the camera setup was a Canon EOS-10D with BG-ED3 battery grip, an MT-24EX flash with Lumicraft Mini Softboxes, a Tamron 28-300 Macro zoom lens and a Canon 100mm Macro lens.

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