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Once more to Baltimore, and the Golden Demons. Many thanks to Games Workshop for letting me have unparalleled access and helping me get these pictures of the many excellent miniatures. I restricted myself to the first cut pieces, there were many others that deserved to be seen.
The Slayer Sword went to Todd Swanson, many congratulations, for an exquisite Beastman regiment.
At this stage the category galleries are not in any order, and the winners are not listed. I will get back to do this over the next few days, when real life permits.
I have also added more pictures of most discussed piece, by Victor Hardy. This will allow many to see what the fuss was about.

Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature

Gold: Zach Lanier - Ork Warboss
Silver: Andrew Cromwell - Mephiston
Bronze: Casey Hagen - Brother Thereon

Warhammer 40,000 Squad

Silver: Mark Donelson - Jade Tigers Tactical Squad
Bronze: Michael Chamness - Goff Nobz

Warhammer 40,000 Large Model or Vehicle

Gold: Scott Bowser - Drakemaster Magnus
Silver: Victor Hardy - Daemon Prince
Bronze: Steven O'Connell - Bringer Of Death

Warhammer Single Miniature

Gold: Andrew Cromwell - Beastman Ungor
Silver: Todd Swanson - Dark Elf Corsair
Bronze: Chris Spangle - Freelance Knight

Warhammer Regiment or Large Model

Gold: Todd Swanson - Beastmen Warherd
Silver: Jessica Dennis - Keeper Of Secrets
Bronze: Eric Leidberg - Dragon Ogres

Lord of the Rings Single Miniature

Gold: Zach Lanier - Haldir
Silver: George Moore - Haldir

Lord of the Rings Group or Large Monster

Gold: Mark Kannell - Faramir And Rangers
Silver: Tom Cluchey - Sharku And Warg Riders
Bronze: Mike Marko - Troll Chieftain


Gold: Conor Ketchum - Brother Captain Stern
Silver: Matthew Vesecky - Tau Stealth Suit
Bronze: Alex Polimeni - Roaric, Hero Of Yore

The Open Competition

Gold: Todd Swanson - Gnoblar Trappers
Silver: Mark Mosler - Death Guard Dreadnought
Bronze: Adam Wier - Norse Warrior

Forge World Best Of Show

Gold: Jessica Dennis - Keeper Of Secrets

Staff Slayer Sword: Jake Landis - Undead Giant

Staff Single Miniature

Gold: Jake Landis - Legion Of The Damned Champion
Silver: Dave Taylor - Isstvan III - Pre-Heresy Death Guard Assault Marine
Bronze: Bill Lorah - Gimli On Uruk-Hai

Staff Large Model or Vehicle

Gold: John Shaffer - Morghur's Chosen
Silver: Marc Raley - Adeptus Arbites Tactical Team
Bronze: Matt Lewandowski - Plagueriders Of Nurgle

Staff Squad or Regiment

Gold: Jake Landis - Zombie Giant
Silver: Michael Morkve - Ork Warboss
Bronze: Matt Lewandowski - Papa Nurgle

Victor Hardy's Demon Prince



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