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UK Golden Demon 2006


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Birmingham NEC Arena and another great Golden Demon show. Many thanks to Games Workshop for letting me have unparalleled access and helping me get these pictures of some of the many excellent miniatures. I had less time than sometimes and so concentrated on the winners, with a few of the first cuts in the Duel and Warhammer Monster categories. I missed some, as they had already either been collected or were being photographed for the White Dwarf. If you have pictures of the missing winners, let me have them and I'll add them. If I have mis-categorised anything, probably the Young Bloods, let me know.

The Slayer Sword went to Albert Moretó Font, many congratulations.

1: Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature
Gold: David Rodriguez
Silver: Luis Gomez Pradal
Bronze: Mikael Duvskolz

2: Warhammer 40,000 Squad
Gold: Mikael Silvanto
Silver: Dan Twiss
Bronze: Mark Lifton

3: Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle
Gold: Jeff Wilhelm
Silver: Rhys Knight
Bronze: Matt Cexwish & Ben Komets

4: Warhammer 40,000 Monster
Gold: Stuart Willis
Silver: Mark Lifton
Bronze: Jonathan Taylor-Yorke

5: Warhammer Single Miniature
Gold: Albert Moretó Font
Silver: David Rodriguez
Bronze: Joe Hill

6: Warhammer Regiment
Gold: Matthew Hooton
Silver: Chris Blair
Bronze: David Olorenshaw

7: Warhammer Monster
Gold: Karol Rudyk
Silver: Mikael Duvskolz
Bronze: Jakob Rune Nielsen

8: Duel
Gold: Matthew Hooton
Silver: Guido Günther
Bronze: Mick Dady

9: Diorama
Gold: Matt Cexwish & Ben Komets
Silver: Tom Nixon
Bronze: Paul Davies

10: Large Scale Model
Gold: Fernando Prieto
Silver: Jakob Rune Nielsen
Bronze: Adrian Bay

11: The Lord of The Rings Single Miniature
Gold: David Rodriguez
Silver: Denis Izotov
Bronze: Sven Jonsson

Young Bloods:
Gold: Thomas Buckley
Silver: Bill Jobling
Bronze: Beau Townsend

Open Competition:
Gold: Seb Perbet
Silver: Mark Bedford
Bronze: Martin Footitt

Forge World Best In Show:
Joe Barnett

The Slayer Sword Winner


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