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The Slayer Sword went to Natalya Melnik for her Warhammer 40,000 single miniature entry of a Dark Angel Chapter Master.

Many thanks (again) to Games Workshop for letting me have unparalleled access and helping me get these pictures of the many excellent miniatures. Thanks also to all those who make these pictures possible, the painters themselves.

I make the usual apologies if I missed or misplaced your piece, especially as I ended up with less of the 40k single category than I thought that I had.

Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature

Gold: Natalya Melnik - Dark Angels Company Master
Silver: Bennett Blalock-Doane - Canoness Felicia Gottskreiger
Bronze: Jason Swisher - Eldar Farseer

Warhammer 40,000 Squad

Gold: Natalya Melnik - Ragnar and Bodyguards
Silver: Scott Bowser - Harlequins
Bronze: Mark Kannell - Eldar Scout Patrol

Warhammer 40,000 Large Model or Vehicle

Gold: Eric Leidberg - Kreig Battle Tank
Silver: Ben Chronister - Leonatos
Bronze: Andrew Wylie - Centaur Artillery Tractor
(Forgeworld Best of Show)

Warhammer Single Miniature

Gold: Zach Lanier - Concubine of the Witch King
Silver: Jessica Rich - Lucrezzia Belladonna
Bronze: Natalya Melnik - Orc Banner Bearer

Warhammer Regiment

Gold: Bennett Blalock-Doane - Beastlord and Retinue
Silver: Jason Buyaki - Norse Bloodbowl Team
Bronze: Steve Fuller - Bretonnian Knights

Warhammer Large Model

Gold: Bennett Blalock-Doane - The Nurgle Cabaret
Silver: Chris Stevens - Pig Waggun
Bronze: M. Tobias Bermudez - Slave Giant

Lord of the Rings Single Miniature

Gold: Natalya Melnik - Celeborn
Silver: Zach Lanier - Thranduil, King of the Mirkwood Elves
Bronze: Jeff Hoffman - Ghashakh, Orc Shaman

Lord of the Rings Group or Large Monster

Gold: Natalya Melnik - Isenguard Troll
Silver: Dave Harkleroad - Terror of Arnor
Bronze: Joe Krone - Buhrdur


Gold: Matt Vesecky - Howling Banshee
Silver: Tony Grippando - St Celestine
Bronze: Eric Von Hippel - Lucius the Eternal

The Open Competition

Gold: Steve O'Connell - the Vor Machine
Silver: Mark Mosler - Nurgle Champion
Bronze: Bennett Blalock-Doane - Lux Ultima - Reaver Titan

Staff Single Miniature

Gold: Tim Lison - Night Goblin Hero
Silver: Jeffrey Warner - Death Jester
Bronze: Marc Raley - Eldar Autarch

Staff Large Model or Vehicle

Gold: Steve Fields - Offal, Lord of Plagues
Silver: Marc Raley - XV-209 Broadside
Bronze: Tim Lison - Chaos Chariot

Staff Squad or Regiment

Gold: Tim Lison - Dave Taylor - Emperor's Scythes Receiving Benedection
Silver: Ty Finocchiaro - LOTR Dwarf Lords
Bronze: Matt Lewandowski - Dragonskins, Black Orcs

The Slayer Sword winning entry by Natalya Melnik


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