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UK Golden Demons 2008

The Slayer Sword winner by Fernando Prieto is shown.

Many thanks to Games Workshop UK (Alan Merrett and Thomas Webster-Deakin in particular) for access to the Golden Demons area and to Neil Howes and especially Barry Cassells for help in getting them all photographed. Please let me know of any mistakes or adjustments that should be made!

I totally missed on the Large Scale Model category, if you have some quality pictures please contact me.

Slayer Sword
Fernando Prieto
40k Single Miniature
Gold: Fernando Prieto
Silver: Ben Jarvis
Bronze: Adrian Bay
Warhammer 40,000 Squad
Gold: Rune Kappel
Silver: Matt Kennedy
Bronze: James Griffin
Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle
Gold: Ben Jarvis
Silver: Mathias Paaschburg
Bronze: Gus Harris-Reid
Warhammer 40,000 Large Monster
Gold: Vladd Junger
Silver: Dave Neild
Bronze: Alistair Armes
Warhammer Single Miniature
Gold: Dave Neild
Silver: David Heathfield
Bronze: Adam Skinner
Warhammer Regiment
Gold: Julian Bayliss
Silver: Ruben Perez Alonso
Bronze: Bill Doran
Warhammer Monster
Gold: Julien Casses
Silver: Adrian Bay
Bronze: Mark Lifton
Gold: Rob Cardiss
Silver: Mark Lifton
Bronze: Nigel Carman
Gold: Kyle Morgan
Silver: Julian Bayliss
Bronze: Richard Elliott
Large Scale Model
Gold: Ben Komets
Silver: Adrian Bay
Bronze: James Griffin
Lord of the Rings Single Miniature
Gold: Sven Jonsson
Silver: Ben Komets
Bronze: Anna Shestakova
Young Bloods
Gold: Alex Mitchell
Silver: Adrian Sanchez Valen
Bronze: Ari Nielsson
Gold: Joseph Tomaszewski
Silver: Adrian Bay
Bronze: Mike Anderson
Forgeworld Best in Show
Ben Komets
Spirit of Warhammer
Martin Collier

The Slayer Sword winning entry

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