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Baltimore Golden Demons 2009

The Slayer Sword winning entry

Another hot and steamy Games Day in Baltimore, matching the enthusiasm of the attendees.

The Slayer Sword went to Dylan Gauker for his Mutants of Nurgle. He won quite a haul in other categories as well!

Many thanks to Games Workshop US for access to the miniatures and for the help in getting them all photographed. Please let me know of any mistakes or adjustments that should be made!

Slayer Sword:
Dylan Gauker- Mutants of Nurgle
Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature
Gold: John Thompson- Kroot Tracker
Silver: Kirill Zhilkov- The Purge SM
Bronze: Zach Lanler- Commisar Yarrick
Warhammer 40,000 Squad
Gold: Greg Smalling- Night Lords Vet.
Silver: Dave Taylor- Blood Pact Reaver Squad
Bronze: Chris Lopez- Dark Angels
Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle
Gold: Yuri Chinenov- Wave Serpent
Silver: Dave Taylor- Blood Pact Valdor
Bronze: Andrew Wylie- Death Korps
Warhammer 40,000 Large Monster
Gold: Aaron Lovejoy: Avatar
Silver: Jessica Rich- Death Rider of Krieg
Bronze: Dylan Gauker- Hound of Khorne
Warhammer Single Miniature
Gold: Aaron Lovejoy- Masque of Slanesh
Silver: Dylan Gauker- Necromancer
Bronze: Jessica Rich- High Elf Mage on Leopard
Warhammer Regiment
Gold: Dylan Gauker- Mutants of Nurgle
Silver: Joe Orteza- Chotek Chargers
Bronze: Chad Patrick- Chosen Warriors of Khorne
Warhammer Monster
Gold: Andrew Cromwell- Ogre Bull
Silver: Dylan Gauker- Spawn of Slaanesh
Bronze: Steve Fields- Snik Snak Skaven Giant
The Lord of The Rings Singe Miniature
Gold: Dylan Gauker- Berserker
Silver: Zach Lanier- Celeborn
Bronze: Aaron Lovejoy- Galadriel
Gold: Rick Janney- Gotrek vs Thog (one eyed troll)
Silver: Danny Prejoles- Tau Piranha attacked by Lictor
Bronze: Andy Rogers- Duel SM vs Ork Warboss
Large Model
Gold: Ansel Elgort- Space Wolf Bust
Silver: Dave Taylor- Trooper Lucky McGee
Bronze: John Margiotta- Abbadon
The Youngbloods Competition
Gold: Carmelo Varela- SM Apothecary
Silver: Antoni Gierczale- Ork Nob
Bronze: Ethan Gage- Legolas
The Open Competition
Gold: Andrew Cromwell- Space Wolf Terminator
Silver: Bennett Blalock-Doane- Dechalya Daemon of Slaanesh
Bronze: Dave Taylor- Blood Pact Stalk tank
Forge World Best of Show:
Aaron Lovejoy- Avatar of Khaine
Honorable Mentions & Others
The Giant Squig

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