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UK Golden Demons 2009

The Slayer Sword winner by Ben Jarvis is shown. This year I got over 500 pictures and even didn't miss a category, allthough one winner (the Silver Demon Ogre Butcher in the Fantasy Monsters) got away before I got to it. I didn't get all the first cut pieces, but think I got all the ones in category eight up as well as the fantasy singles.

Thanks are due to Games Workshiop for allowing me access to the Judging area. to Sean H for coming up with a great white box. Thanks also to the members of Platoon Britannica for staging the event the night before!

Slayer Sword
The Clockmaker by Ben Jarvis
Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature
Bronze: Bogusz Stupnicki
Silver: Adrian Bay
Gold: Dave Neild
Warhammer 40,000 Squad
Bronze: Scott Hockley
Silver: David Heathfield
Gold: Neil Hollis
Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle
Bronze: Rune Kappel
Silver: Paul Batchelor
Gold: Mathiew Fontaine
Warhammer 40,000 Monster
Bronze: Tue Kaae
Silver: David Rodriguez
Gold: Mark Tait
Warhammer Single Miniature
Bronze: David Heathfield
Silver: Chris Clayton
Gold: Ben Jarvis
Warhammer Regiment
Bronze: Dan Twiss
Silver: Mohamed Ait-nehdi
Gold: Thomas Kyrsting
Warhammer Monster
Bronze: Kristian Simonsen
Silver: Charles Kirkpatrick
Gold: Bogusz Stupnicki
Bronze: Julien Casses
Silver: Nigel Carman
Gold: William Davies
Bronze: Jeff Wilhelm
Silver: Paul Ward
Gold: Nicolas Rouanet
Large Scale Model
Bronze: Guido Gunther
Silver: Adrian Bay
Gold: Chris Clayton
The Lord of The Rings Miniature
Bronze: Jakob Rune Nielsen
Silver: Matt Kennedy
Gold: Mark Taylor
Young Bloods
Bronze: Daniel Hyams
Silver: Alex Mitchell
Gold: Ari Nielsson
The Open Competion
Bronze: Michael Anderson
Silver: Chris Clayton
Gold: Seb Perbet
Forge World Best in Show
Bogusz Stupnicki

The Slayer Sword winning entry

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