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C32 Slann

Released in late 1983 in conjunction with the Legend of Kremlo the Slann scenario in Compendium One (October.) They were first shown in and ad in White Dwarf 48, December 1983. As normal for this period the names changed over time and are a little difficult to reconcile, especially as 2 of them were dropped before Compendium 2, one of the Tribesmen with blowpipe and the Slave with Dagger.

The offer in Compendium One lists:
1x Imperial Herald, 6x Empire Soldiers, 4x Low Swamp Palace Guards, 12x Tribesmen with Blowpipe, 30x Tribesmen with Waterscythe, 24x assorted Braves with Blowpipe and Braves with Axe (Tomahawk,) 1x (Slave) Warrior Leader and 20 assorted Eunuch Slave Soldiers

I have chosen to follow these names versus the ones from later. Which is the Tribesman with Waterscythe and which the Empire Soldier? Whay are there 3 models with blowpipes, but only 2 listed in the rosters? I guessed and may be wrong!


Alan and Michael Perry


Paul Cubbin

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