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John Blanche's Femmes Militant

Sculpted in ia larger 40mm scale by various famous miniature sculptors from artwork by John Blanche, these were released in two batches. There may have been 16 of these based on the artwork, but I've a few more to go.

These are known to have been released:, Bathorii - Steve Buddle, Cataphractii - Dave Thomas, Cratchyng - Unknown, Gallowglass - Werner Klocke, Gooste - Unknown, Mary Bones - Werner Klocke, Mona Bathorii - Brian Nelson, Panthera - Werner Klocke, Praytorian - Steve Buddle, Pythone - Jes Goodwin, Ratspyke - Werner Klocke, Varangii - Kev White

These are not known to have been released: Janarius, Plegia, Presbyter, Saucefleem

There was a range of male pieces planned, but only a couple made it past the planning stages.

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