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Warhammer Quest (1995)

One of the best deals that Games Workship released, 91 miniatures and a load of useful dungeon terrain sections for 40 quid!

Released in White Dwarf 184, April 1995, the game continued to get new adventure and character packs through 1995. The only release after that was the Bretonnian Questing Knight in April 1997, although supporting articles did appear in White Dwarf. Following that the game largely disappeared until it was revived with the release of Silver Tower in 2016, and the Blackstone Fortress in 2018. there was also a card game derivative released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2015.

There are thought to have been other expansions planned for the original game that were never released. The White Dwarf 195 article Domain of the Horned Rat may have been based on a Skaven one.

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