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Lord of the Rings (ME Range)

This range was available from 1985-1987 when Citadel dropped their licensed ranges.
Several of the pieces were remodelled with variant heads during the lifetime of the range: ME32 Noldor (becoming ME32v2 High Elves), ME33 Dwarfs, ME42 Orcs of the White Hand, ME51 Orcs of the Red Eye, and ME72 Deadmen of Dunharrow.
Other pieces were also remodeled: ME23 Rohirrim was completely resculpted with a horse motif shield, ME64 Black Rider got a new mounted version and mount, and ME81 Aragorn the King got a new mount.
The first version of the ME52 Olog Hai Troll was apparently rejected as too small and a larger version was released.

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