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Blood on the Streets

Blood on the Streets aka Village Pack 1 bought us those wonderful cardboard buildings that graced many a tabletop in the late 80s and 90s. They later appeared in the Townscapes book. I guess I should have used those as a backdrop, but this page is about the miniatures, not the buildings. For now these Tabletop World ones, painted by Rusty Gouldman, will have to work.

The boxed set appeared in October 1985 following up on Blood Bath at Orc's Drift. The enclosed booklet featured illustrated counters representing the characters of three villages in the Riding, a part of the Eastern Marches of the Empire. The images were based on many of the then recently released C46 Villagers and C26 Men At Arms.

When the miniatures deal was offered in mid 1987, not all the counter characters were shown and a couple had been substituted. The list of pieces for each deal do seem to be complete.

See the 1987 Terror on the Streets Flyer

The counter and booklet illustration for the Grey Man is based on the solid based C04 Assassin used for Grimwald Calaco in the Terror of the Lichemaster, not the Wizard shown on the offer sheet. Rolf Gumby was likely the C46 Villager eating a chicken leg. The original for Old Mother Parma was a C02 Wizard - Veteran, and Dr Silas Phulowe the C46 Alchemist.

Oscar Lupentaal is identical to Honest Joe Gutbucket, both based on the C46 Landlord figure. Heziciah Shipstrong's counter matches that for Sam Bird, the C46 Old Man (almost anyway.)

The females seem to have got mixed up. The image of Sigrid Lupentall is closer to the C46 Maid figure used for Betty the Barmaid, than that of Betty herself , who, along with Helga, were probably based on the C46 Female Villager model used for Nancy Goodbody. Nancy’s counter is more like the C46 Libertine model.

The prototype for Ignatz Lupentaal and Hood Nelson and his Apprentices is less obvious, all suggestions are welcome!


Maxi Costales López, Rob Wheeler, Adam Skinner. Andrew Taylor

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