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The Tragedy of McDeath

How can this one lose? With the box and book cover art by John Blanche setting one tone and the sometimes dreadful puns in the text, who doesn't love this one?
Released in White Dwarf 76, April 1986. The miniatures were an interesting mix of specially sculpted pieces and generic ones. The McDeaths themselves and Sandra Pangle are very rare, the various groups of Clansmen (LE8) are rare, especially in the numbers needed (96!)
For some reason several models were substituted for the versions shown on the counters or omitted altogether. Donalbane, Juggo, Raybees, and Klinty are examples and Boney Prince Charlie didn't make it as a model, but the C18 Ghoul below looks a lot like the token art.
A few more to go yet!


Paul Cubbin

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