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Carts and Wagons

The original cart was the June 1982 FAX1 Adventurer's Wagon Driven by a Wizard, based on the ARE2 Ancient Roman Cart. It was re-released with differnet wheels and horses on the late 1987 MOD flyer. The C22 Adventurer's Cart (June 87) shared it's chassis with the Plague Cart (Oct 87) and wheels and chassis with the C22 Bugman's Cart (Dec 87)
The Armourer's Cart and the third Adventurer's Cart appeared in the Winter 1990 Catalogue.
The later Small and Large Fantasy Carts were released in the nineties and appeared in several guises. The Baggage Trains used a combination of the Small Fantasy cart and other existing models. A later version of the Fantasy Cart used the Mule parts from the DOW Bronzino's set, and Warhammer Siege parts for the baggage.
Mydas the Mean, The Vampire Counts Black Coach and the Mordheim Stage Coach are included for comparison. The Bugman's Keg of the Convenant was a US Mail Order only special.


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