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Villagers & Townsfolk

A range of innocent and not so innocent bystanders, along with a few fellow travellers.
There were 5 different groups of releases of humans, mid 1985 for the first ones, shown in the June 85 Mail Order Flyer and Autumn 85 Journal. The second batch were released in late 1985, are shown in the November 1985 flyer and Compendium 3. The third, released in June 1987, were largely related to the Shadows over Bogenhafen WHFRP scenario, which had been released at the end of 1986. They were followed by the Travelling Players in October 87 and the related final group, the Townsfolk in March 88.
The Dwarf Villagers appeared on the September 86 and April 87 flyers with the Orc Villagers on the October 86 and April 87 flyers with the full range in the 1988 catalogue. A set of Militia was also released as part of the C46 range in October 1987.
The Mordheim range included a set of 12 Frenzied Mob released in 2003 and 2006. Some Empire Citizens were released in 2010.

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